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About the project


The increase in awareness of the issue of energy management in buildings has led investors to incorporate measures even at the design stage that reduce the future costs of operating the building in real terms. In existing buildings real estate management firms carry out improvements that raise energy efficiency on a cyclical basis. In turn individual investors more and more frequently ask architects to provide them with designs for passive or low-energy houses.


In practice this means that in order to meet market demands, energy-saving experts - architects and designers, real estate management firms and energy advisors have to calculate, correctly and precisely, parameters giving the insulatory capacity of compartments in the building, evaluate the parameters of heating and ventilation devices, or forecast heating and water consumption costs. They also have to assess whether, when renewable energy is being introduced into everyday use, passive investments should be carried out.


In order to help businesses that want to apply the latest energy efficiency solutions in buildings, ENERGY CONSERVATION FOUNDATION prepared the new project NOWYlEKSPERT – a tool that makes it possible to select and make innovations within the firm through the transfer of know-how at no cost.


The project entitled ”New pro-innovation services in energy consultancy for buildings” is being implemented as part of the Operational Program Innowacyjna Gospodarka Działanie 5.2 [Innovative Economy, Measure 5.2]. “Supporting institutions within the business community that provide pro-innovative services and their supra-regional networks.