About us

Energy Conservation Foundation was established in 1992. It is a non-profit organization and a Business Environment Institution which focuses its efforts on issues related to energy efficiency. The Foundation actively supports activities aimed at reducing energy consumption and developing renewable energy sources.

The main goals of the Foundation are a promotion of energy efficiency issues, social education and preparation of specialists in the field of energy advisory and energy efficiency. Our goals are realized by training activities, press publications, expert and advisory services. The Foundation cooperates with other non-profit organizations and business institutions across the country and organizes conferences and seminars addressed to entrepreneurs.

Energy Conservation Foundation, as the first one in Poland, published the standard for Energy Auditing and commenced training for the energy audit activities.

Energy Conservation Foundation participates in work and studies on the implementation of EU Directive on energy performance of buildings in Poland. The Foundation prepares also reports on issues related to energy consumption for the state authorities, local governments and the media.

Energy Conservation Foundation published more than 30 books, trained about 3000 energy auditors and transfer know-how to more than 250 SME.
The high quality of training and advisory services of the Foundation ensures the implemented Quality Management System which complies with PN-EN ISO: 9001:2009.


20 Świętokrzyska Street
00-002 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 604 336 703
e-mail: biuro@fpe.org.pl
VAT no: PL5262095317

Management Board:

Maciej Mijakowski - President
Andrzej Rajkiewicz - Vice President
Małgorzata Popiołek - Member
Jerzy Bagiński - Member